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Alice in Wonderland is a supremely fantastic adventure story. When you think of dressing up and costumes, Alice In Wonderland costumes are brilliant. You can really let your imagination soar .. play around with colours, sizes, characters, proportions.

Here are some costumes you can get to give you the complete look of a character from these tales. Or you might choose to get one or two pieces to customise an outfit you already have. 

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The possibilities are endless (to paraphrase The Doorknob) ..

Kids' Alice In Wonderland Costume

Here's a gorgeous kids'  Alice In Wonderland costume. Her sweet powder blue dress has  puffy sleeves and is edged with frills. Her checkerboard underskirt also has a white frilly edge. An apron is attached to her dress. The apron is pretty - white with black lace-up, and hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds all over.

The outfit also comes with a black headband with an attached bow.

The leg warmers, petticoat and shoes that you see in the picture are sold separately. The leg warmers do set the whole look off really nicely. The petticoat does add a pretty fullness to the skirt and can be used with other outfits, although it's not essential.

Of course, if your little Alice already has ballet or court shoes in black, white or red, then you don't need to get the shoes.

Queen of Hearts Alice In Wonderland Costume

This beautiful, regal Queen of Hearts costume is well made and stunning to look at. It comes in a garment bag so you can keep it all together (nothing more annoying than not finding all the bits and pieces the next time you want to wear it). The bag also just makes it feel extra special.

You get a full length (right down to the ground) dress which zips up at the back. It has a white lace collar & cuffs, black & white fitted satin bodice, and black softly gathered panel about the waist and hips.  The skirt of the dress is  red velvet with a white satin inset. The white satin has hearts printed on. There's lots of gold trimming and detailing.

You also get a complete set of accessories so you don't need to buy anything extra to complete the look - a black velvet choker unto which a (fake) jewel is attached, a jewelled heart tiara, a hoop and a tulle petticoat.

Those who own the costume have said it runs slightly small - it's probably a good idea to get the next size up to what you would normally expect to wear. You can download instructions on how to build up the petticoat. But the outfit still looks fabulous even without the boning.

Also, you might consider hand washing it really gently (like you'd wash stockings or tights) in cool water, and drip drying it.

King Of Hearts Costumes

A plush, rich, luxurious robe for the King of Hearts. With a sumptuous faux fur trim you just want to bury your hands in.

You can put it on over your normal clothes - though it would be best to wear dark clothes if you are wearing normal clothes underneath. And you would need to get the crown and scepter seperately.

And you could sooooo use this grand robe again and again in different kingly roles.