King of Hearts Costume

Elite King of Hearts Costume

Here's a bit of a find .. A regal costume that oozes opulence and luxury. It goes beautifully with the Deluxe Queen Of Hearts Alice In Wonderland Costume. What with the black and white checker-board panels on the puffed sleeves of the robe, the sumptious black and white fur lining on the robe and crown, the royal sash with red hearts and Filigre printed on. Lots of gold edging and gold printing all over this outfit.  

The panne velvet, just-below-the-knee-length robe drapes beautifully and moves like it's made from fabric sourced for a king. Imagine sweeping into court, stopping and turning to aknowledge your lady queen, and your robe swings round languidly, puffs of gorgeous scent wafting across your assembled court...! The robe is held together at the top by a medallion necklace (manly of course) which is attached to the collar. Because that is all that holds the robe at the top, you do need to be careful it doesn't strain, otherwise it'll break.

The outfit also comes with a  satin tunic in black and royal blue with a black and White striped band along the bottom. You fasten it with a button at the back of the neck. And wear the robe over it.

You also get that rather fabulous crown.

These are the measurements in inches:
MEDIUM: Neck:15-15.5, Chest:38-40, Waist:32-34, Sleeve:33.5-34;
LARGE: Neck: 16-16.5, Chest: 42-44, Waist: 36-38, Sleeve: 34.5-.5;
XLARGE: Neck: 17-17.5, Chest: 46-48, Waist: 40-42, Sleeve: 35-35.5

Please note: The Trousers and shoes are NOT included. I suggest you team the outfit with plain, slim-line trousers as shown in the picture. Better still, for added authenticity, .. Tights! No, don't cringe, I mean proper professional tights like these ==>>  Professional Men's Tights with black shoes or boots. See you with real Tudor king flavour.

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Playing Card King of Hearts Costume (Stuck On)

This playing card King of Hearts costume is a tunic - or sleeveless shirt, to the front of which the playing card is attached. The card is made from  soft polyfoam so you can bend over and sit while you're in costume.

The card is 35 inches long and 25 inches wide.

The costume comes in these sizes: Large and X-Large.

It looks good as depicted in the picture - with a black polo-neck shirt or jumper and classic black trousers and shoes. I wonder, though, how it'll look with tights. Thinkest thou that I jesteth? Why .. Surely not, my Lord ...

Playing Card King of Hearts Costume (Printed On)

This King of Hearts costume is also like a playing card. You wear a softly padded tunic (like a long, sleeveless shirt). The king of hearts design is printed on to the tunic - at the front as well as the back. It ties at the back of neck.

You will also get a jewelled gold crown that closes with a hook. You can adjust it to three different sizes.

Please take note:  The white gloves are sold separately. Oh .. And aparently, the model is wearing a nude color body suit (which is not included)! I did wonder about drafts and the like!

The King of Hearts is a character from the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Whereas the Queen is extremely bad tempered and very quick to order her subjects be beheaded, he, the King, is lenient. The moderate arm of the Wonderland government. He talks soothingly to the Queen as she rages. But mostly he pardons those destined for death. On the quiet.

He is a little more forceful, though, at the Knave's trial, 'Give your evidence,' he says, 'And don't be nervous, or I'll have you executed on the spot'.

Unfortunately, he shows himself up as being remarkably dense. Although I do like it when, trying to cut through Rabbit's confusion, he says, 'Begin at the  beginning and go on till you come to the end. Then stop.'

The King of Hearts costume is not the most obvious Alice in Wonderland costume. I like it because of that - it's a little more unique, a little more quirky.

And a whole lot of fun.