Queen of Hearts Alice In Wonderland Costume

Here's a ravishing dress that looks really stately. Exactly what you'd expect a queen to wear.

This Queen of Hearts Alice In Wonderland Costume is such a delight because it is rare to see an outfit so impressively put together, being offered for a costume.

The package includes The Dress, the black velvet  bejewelled choker, and the sparkly tiara fashioned from clustered hearts. Also added is the hoop petticoat made with tulle which is essential to make the skirt of the dress poof out. Meringue style.

The top of the dress - the bodice - is black and white checked satin with a red heart-shaped bit in the middle. The long, red velvet skirt, which should graze the floor, has a white panel set in the front. The panel is decorated beautifully and opulently with rich reds and golds.

A couple of things you'll like to know:
1. The sizing is a little mean so you might be safer getting one size up.
2. The zip is a little flimsy.

This comes in Adult sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

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Deluxe Sexy Queen of Hearts Adult Costume

If you have the body, if you are not shy about wearing extremely mini-skirts, and if this is appropriate for the function(s) you're attending, you will LOVE this sexy Queen of Hearts costume. It's thoroughly and fabulously racy. Yet tasteful.

The mini-dress is a halter neck. The white trim follows up to the halter to finish off the hour-glass detail. There are pretty red hearts on the dress. And a wide, textured trim of quilting at the bottom which gives the dress more body and presence. The quilting has also been applied to the very wide base of the skirt-like train. And that makes a difference - again giving that feeling of substance to what may otherwise have just been a flimsy piece of cloth flapping away.

You get the crown too!

Please note:
1. The boots do NOT come with the outfit. Shame because the boot do look fabulous. Three suggestions: a) Buy the boots if you were going to, anyway, b) Simply wear a pair of stilletos, or 3)  Fashion over-the-knee boot covers from leather or leatherette and tie them on, over regular shoes.
2. The black petticoat does not come with the dress! I know, that's so disappointing. But here's one that'll work =>> Black Petticoat
3. The costume is snug. You might want to order your size plus one. Or, if you can afford it, buy your size AND one larger. Try them on and then return the one that doesn't fit.

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The Red Queen Costume - For Adults

This Red Queen Costume is a tudor style queen of hearts dress.

It has rows of gold hearts on the red panel of the generous and voluminous skirt. The high, stand-up collar perfectly compliments the corset-like, pinched-in-waist look of the bodice. And you get the distinctive narrow gold crown.  You also get a  petticoat to hold the skirt out in it's fullness.

This Red Queen is Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts.

This outfit comes in Adult Sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Please note: The boots are not included. You might want to consider these:   Fabulous Multi-Costume Knee-High Boots